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Welcome to CHULA KIDS, your children's online DECORATION store, a project made every day with a lot of love and a lot of effort.

My name is Noelia and I am the mother of two beautiful girls with whom this adventure began. Thanks to them I was able to combine my passion for online shopping, DECORATION and children's clothes. And is that when they were born I realized how wide this whole universe is and that it was not an easy task to find design articles designed for the little ones in a single place. That was one of the reasons why CHULA KIDS was born: to be able to find in one place all that we need to create the coolest children's rooms we have ever imagined.

The project started with children's clothes until little by little the world of DECORATION flooded everything. And it is amazing the large number of options we have to create magical rooms with different touches and environments. From CHULA KIDS we want to help you, that is why we make a personal and detailed study of all the brands with which we work.

We always think about quality, functionality and we bet on artisan suppliers that take care of the details. We want the best for the little ones and for you, that's why we work with top brands, to always offer you the best. We work with handicrafts and usually on request to obtain a personalized and unique product; 100% cotton, natural wood and soft fabrics that use clean inks are some of the materials we work with. We want to take care of what you most want, that's why we only select safe brands and approved items to guarantee maximum safety.

In CHULA KIDS you will find everything you need to decorate your little one's room, from being a tender baby until they become more and more old. We have prepared a very careful selection of carpets, cribs and baskets, wallpaper, bedding, lamps and almost everything you imagine! Discover from the hand of CHULA KIDS brands inspired by the purest Nordic style such as FERM LIVING or SEBRA, decorate the walls with our HIBOU HOME wallpaper or opt for the colorful vinyl by DECOHAPPY.

Do not miss our online store to discover everything we have prepared for you, because we are always in constant search. In addition to be up to date with all our novelties and decorating tips, do not forget to subscribe and visit our blog, for sure you will love it.