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Extendable cradle Danish design

Infant crib for your little one with an unmistakable Scandinavian design. It is an extensible infant crib that will provide the ideal touch to your child's room until he reaches 7 years.

Made of birch or beech wood. The beech wood is only used by the cradle in wood color. The rest is made of birch wood.


  • Length: 115 cm
  • Width: 75.8 cm
  • Height: 88 cm
  • Length of the extension: 155 cm

Available in various colors .

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Brand information : Sebra

Sebra is a decoration brand of Nordic style children's rooms. Sebra, Danish design that offers furniture, bedding and other accessories for children and their rooms.

Behind this brand of children's decoration is Mia, a mother who when she had to decorate her baby's room saw that there were not many interior design and decoration brands in the market, which created her brand, in her style.

Thus Sebra was born a brand of children's decoration under the unmistakable style of Nordic design: pure, minimalist and functional in furniture and accessories; colorful, cheerful and fun in the bedding and everything under the strictest quality and functionality of the designs.

Sebra offers us a modern and timeless design, innovative colors combined with handicraft accessories that give a certain vintage touch to children's decoration, such as crochet and knitting on rugs, dolls and stuffed animals ... Much of the collection is handmade and always in natural materials, such as wood, wool and cotton that satisfy the requests of parents to decorate the nursery under the premise of the strictest quality and naturalness in materials.

The Juno crib was designed by the architect Viggo Valdemar Einfeldt during the years 1942-1943. Viggo Einfeldt had a design office at the beginning of the 40s of the last century, which was attended by a large number of projects, but as with so many other architects, his work was affected by the Second World War, which abruptly interrupted activities of the construction sector. Because of this he was forced to seek new creative ideas, and after reading an article in a newspaper about a child who had died suffocated in his crib, decided to design a new crib that was not only attractive, but also safe for children .

The classic design of the Juno crib is still as attractive and modern today as when it was conceived in the 1940s. The design of the crib reflects the architectural training of Viggo Einfeldt and shows clearly that it is a work done by a professional .

The Juno crib and the name of Viggo Einfeldt are included in the category "Children's Culture" in the Danish Cultural Canon, which includes 108 works that constitute the essence of the Danish cultural heritage, works of art of incalculable cultural value and icons of Danish design.

In Denmark the Juno crib, considered a design classic, is also known for its appearance in a number of family films in which this type of cradle belongs to the main character. All eight films were filmed during the period 1953-1961 and have since become part of the Danish cultural heritage in the field of family entertainment.

The original design of the Juno crib has been updated in several aspects in order to comply with the current European safety regulations for children's beds DS / EN 716. Changes have been made taking into account the design of the crib. It is for this reason that the cradle Sebra has been manufactured, for example, of a proportionally larger size in relation to the original design. Thus, the cradle Sebra complies with the required regulations while retaining as much as possible the original appearance and the timeless lines.

Manufactured in accordance with EU safety standards (EN716 standard).

The space between the bars of 2 cm. Mattress base in smooth wood with air holes.

The estimated delivery time is 4 to 8 weeks from the time of purchase.

Send us an email and we will inform you of availability and delivery times to

POSSIBLE COMBINATIONS: The Sebra crib can be used for newborn babies and will adapt to the child's growth as it grows and develops. The crib, therefore, has an adjustable lower part, and the different possible combinations allow to find new uses at all times, which was part of the original intention of Viggo Einfeldt when designing the Juno crib.

  • COT FOR BABY 1: (baby crib with two protectors, highest position of the bottom of the crib). From birth until the child can not get up and sit by himself.
  • BABY COT 2: (baby crib with two protectors, lowest position of the bottom of the crib). Since the child can get up and sit or stand erect without help.
  • CRIB FOR CHILDREN BEGINNING TO WALK: (baby crib with a protector or without protector, lower position of the bottom of the crib). Since the child can climb and leave the crib by himself.
  • CHILDREN'S BED: (extendable, without protectors). When the child can no longer be in a crib.


Download here the instructions for mounting the cradle.

This product requires approximately 20 MINUTES to be assembled.

2 PEOPLE ARE REQUIRED to assemble the crib.



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